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Why We Love Moroccan Oil!

I think we can speak for everyone when we say healthy hair is important. Hair is something that can become a part of our identity, so making sure to look after it by using quality products is essential. Professional products are gentler on your hair, they actively protect it and they’re also tailored to your specific hair type, color, style and personal routine. A product we use daily at Karma is Moroccan Oil, an award-winning hair care brand that uses quality cleansing and de-tangling formulas with antioxidant argon oils.

One of our favorites is the Moroccan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo & Conditioner. It's a gentle sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that's good for all hair types to curly, frizzy, thick and thin hair strands.

Another go-to product from Moroccan Oil is the Hydrating Styling cream. This is applied to clean damp hair from ear lobes to ends. The styling cream acts as a hair moisturizer that de-frizzes and also adds heat protection at the same time. Besides the fact that it leaves the hair feeling super soft, the warm floral scent of this product is amazing!

Moroccan Oil doesn’t stop there with the array of great products they offer! Another on our list is the Moroccan Oil Treatment. This product comes in two types - a light version for finer hair, and the original for normal-to-dry hair types. Although this is an oil, it can be used on wet hair to prep the hair and on dry hair as a finishing product. Like most of their products, this is a lightweight oil that reduces frizz and leaves all hair types soft and shiny. The oil treatment will leave you with a warm musky scent that will last with you all day!

Another advantage of salon-quality products is that since they're comprised of higher-quality ingredients, you can use less than supermarket brands and they'll even last longer!

Supermarket products often contain a fraction of the high-grade ingredients found in salon products, and the rest of the bottle is filled with chemicals and fillers. While you may not feel the difference immediately, these fillers often leave behind a waxy build-up that can take a long-term toll on your hair. Cheaper products can also cause side effects when coloring - built-up parabens and silicones can prevent hair from lightening, meaning you may need more sessions to achieve your desired color.

We strive to make these products affordable for everyone, and we offer most of them for less than the recommended retail price. You can find all of these amazing products on our shelves at Karma Salon, plus a lot more!


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