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Long or Short Haircut

42 - Level One Stylist (1-3yrs experience)

48 - Senior Stylist (3+yrs experience)

Dry Cut

30 - Level One Stylist (1-3yrs experience)

35 - Senior Stylist (3+yrs experience)

A haircut that doesn't require shampoo and blow-drying! Allows your stylist to observe the natural shape and movement of the hair as they cut it, instead of waiting until it's been blow-dried.

Curl Cut

45 - Level One Stylist (1-3yrs experience)

50 - Senior Stylist (3+yrs experience)

Usually a dry haircut for those who wear their hair in its natural curl pattern.

Bang Trim / 15

Shampoo & Blow Dry

35 - Level One Stylist (1-3yrs experience)

40 - Senior Stylist (3+yrs experience)

​​Hair Extensions / Please Call Salon​​

Karma offers tape-in, weft and K-tip extensions! Extensions enhance volume, length and color. Tape-ins and K-tips are perfect for thinning fringe and no-commitment color. Wefts are great for adding density and length and are installed by sewing - no tape, glue or heat needed.

Requires consultation prior to booking, so we can provide the best possible experience! Extensions must be ordered and pre-paid prior to installation.

Kid's Haircut (Under 12)

20 - Level One Stylist (1-3yrs experience)

25 - Senior Stylist (3+yrs experience)

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