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Postpartum Hair Loss

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Why it happens and advice on how to deal with it

If you’re currently dealing with postpartum hair loss or have dealt with it in the past, you'll know it's a difficult road to go down. Here you can find a few ways to cope so you can enjoy great hair as you wait for your hormones to balance themselves out!

Postpartum hair loss is absolutely normal and can typically happen 2-4 months after childbirth. It's also normal to experience this from six months up to a year in some cases. So why does this happen? We all know that during pregnancy your hair will grow longer, thicker and have a beautiful shine to it. This is due to the extra hormones and estrogen your body creates during pregnancy. During this time, extra blood flow will slow down the rate of normal everyday hair loss and give you thicker and longer locks. Once delivery occurs, your body’s hormones can drop drastically, causing significant hair loss in some cases.

Although we can’t stop postpartum hair loss completely, there are ways you can help to maintain healthy hair while your hair and body restores itself. In any situation (not just postpartum!), using less heat styling is always a number one rule for healthy hair. Allow the hair to air dry and avoid flat irons or curling irons. A balanced diet supplemented by vitamins is also a great route to take to help re-balance those hormones during the postpartum stage. Maintaining a diet of greens, fruits and healthy fats will give your body the vitamin C and iron that it requires.

I know from my personal experience how dealing with postpartum hair loss can affect you, and although a lot of things in the postpartum world aren't discussed often, this should not be one of them. Pregnancy brings on so many changes, and losing hair is one that can take a huge toll on us. Although postpartum hair loss can be scary, the good news is that it’s not permanent and with a healthy diet and continued vitamins it’s sure to grow back just as beautiful as before!

Some easy hairstyles to try during this time that are low-maintenance and easy on the hair are:


Donut Buns

Claw clips

Low ponytail

If you'd like to consult with a professional about postpartum hair loss, or any other hair-health issues, you can make an appointment for a free consultation on our home page!


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