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What you need to know about going dark for Fall!

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

With the changing of the seasons often comes the desire to change up ones hairstyle. Many people love to sport darker and warmer tones for fall and who can blame them? These colors can be absolutely stunning! However, there are a few things you must take into consideration before jumping in and completely changing your hair.

Transforming your hair is a commitment. Once you go darker (especially red) going back lighter will be a process and quite possibly an expensive one. Removing a darker color will also be harsh on your hair and need to be done in multiple appointments. There is also a chance that your hair will not be able to go back to a lighter color until it grows out, depending on the level of damage it has. Red shades need to be refreshed frequently because they fade quickly. In addition, highly-processed hair (especially blonde) has a harder time holding onto color and will fade more quickly than healthy hair.

It's usually going to be a little more difficult to color over processed blonde hair because it will need to be filled prior to coloring it, to ensure the longevity of the color and to keep it from looking hollow. Remember that if you're going for a shade darker than your natural hair color, it will need to be retouched every 4-6 weeks.

Finally, most drugstore shampoos contain sulfates and chemicals that will cause your hair to fade faster. It is crucial to use high quality products to maintain your color. You don’t want to ruin your $200 color with $5 shampoo! Karma recommends Moroccan Oil or Pulp Riot, they're both high-end products and we often have them on sale!

If you're looking for a gorgeous fall transformation, don't let these tips put you off - it's definitely worth the extra bit of work! Fortunately, our stylists are color experts and can handle all of this for you. It's just a good idea to understand the commitment that you're making when you darken their hair. This ensures that you can keep your locks looking fresh and healthy in the long run!


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