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How To Choose The Right Products For Your Hair

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

One question I get asked behind the chair often is what kind of shampoos and conditioners should I be using for my hair type. One piece of advice that I usually always give is if your hair is fine, you should most likely be avoiding anything that says moisturizing. These shampoos will often weigh down fine hair and make it appear limp. Fine hair needs more volume so a volumizing shampoo is going to be very beneficial.

Coarse hair, however, usually does benefit from using a moisturizing shampoo. If your hair is very damaged or you lighten it often, Olaplex is going to be my number one recommendation or anything that is really reparative. One thing that people should keep in mind when using Olaplex though, is that it should be paired with some kind of moisturizing mask once or twice a month. We can show you how to do this at the salon!

I would also definitely recommend avoiding drug store shampoos and conditioners. Most cheaper shampoos contain sulfates and parabens, as well as harsh silicones that coat the hair. This may make it feel really soft and shiny on the outside, but it’s actually keeping moisture from getting inside your hair, as the hair's natural oils are now just sitting on top of the hair. This causes the hair to look greasier faster, which then causes you to use more shampoo.

This is why you will often run out of cheaper shampoo faster. In the long run using a higher quality shampoo will not only improve your hair, but it will also save you money! Karma frequently has great deals on Moroccan Oil, Olaplex and Pulp Riot shampoos and conditioners - we love these products and have no hesitation recommending them to our valued clients!


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